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The construction sector is very wide, it is not only a simple matter of engineering works, building materials, components, design today this is a sector requiring more and more updating of skills and knowledge ranging from technical-scientific level to legal and marketing aspects.

Any kind of technical work is also strongly connected to certification, quality standards and European Directives, such as the Construction Product Directive (CPD 89/106/EC) that make us always extremely alert to these requirements.

Today it is also fundamental to follow greenbuilding practices and by doing so you need new environmentally responsible materials as well as resource efficient constructions in order to fulfill the contents of the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD 2002/91/EC).

For this reason not only our staff is constantly trained to maintain a high professional competence, but we also accurately select our consultants and partners in order to respond to your needs and to deliver solutions fast and effectively.

Brief History

Cer.Invest S.r.l. was established in the early beginning of 2000 in Faenza, the town of pottery and ceramics, with the main objective of offering services for the development and characterization of high tech materials with a particular emphasis on new high performance ceramics.

Thanks to Dr. Gian Nicola Babini past President of the European Ceramic Society and of International Ceramic Federation, Cer.Invest S.r.l. has embraced new technologies, found new applications, extended its scopes with the intention of supplying not just products but complete, advanced solutions in ceramics and generally in construction products taking especially into account a sustainable approach reconciling economic, environmental and social aspects with each other.

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